“Take a picture. It’ll last longer.” And we did, hoping for exactly that. Special once-in-a-lifetime moments physically stored for safe keeping. Shoe-boxes, adhesive pages trapped in bulky binders, countless lab envelopes pregnant with doubles and negatives; keeping safe all the printed memories we anticipated sharing with a generation beyond our own. All the printed memories; aging, losing their original luster, their original brilliance. Seemingly aging with us.

“Imagine this!” follows the photograph’s discovery in a top drawer locked to an antique desk. Now, time no longer plays a hand in assigning the relevance of an image through the years. No longer do scratched or poorly handled negatives haunt future prints. The mighty binders and slides reduced to pixels and bytes. Today, aided by algorithms, we choose the image special enough to emulate the safeguarded passage of time. A selection in a second reflects years of safekeeping. The memory of a lifetime, emulated in an instant.

A visual examination of the friendly algorithms

that make your life more relevant.